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Gatlinburg is 200!

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Wow! Gatlinburg is turning 200 hundred years old in 2007 and is celebrating its bicentennial. What does this mean for you? Well for starters, there are going to be lots of official “Gatlinburg Bicentennial” events happening throughout the year – and I’m sure there are even more “non-official” events. Here is a link to the official Gatlinburg Bicentennial events.So plan your Gatlinburg vacation now and get ready for a lot of stuff to do while you’re in Gatlinburg this summer. You will learn a lot more about the rich history and culture of this wonderful city.

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Money Saving Tips for your Gatlinburg Trip

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    Everyone loves their escapes to Gatlinburg because of the serenity, beauty, and don’t forget, there’s tons of stuff to do.  But how do you take your family (or just yourself) without spending a ton of money.  And how do you know if someone is just taken advantage of a tourist or visitor to Gatlinburg?

I recently read a neat article on “how can you take your family [to Gatlinburg] without being taken?

This article highlights at least six ways you can save money when travelling to Gatlinburg this summer from taking alternate routes so you don’t waste gas sitting in traffic on I-40 to buying combo passes to the parks so you get to do more without purchasing a retail priced pass at each park.

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